Get Unstuck.

the Growth.

With Absolute Clarity Breakthrough Program – shed confusing
state, gain absolute clarity and achieve unprecedented success in
your professional & personal life.

Don’t let the lack of clarity
hamper your growth

Do you feel that —

  • Despite all the manpower, resources and the opportunities you are failing to take your business to newer heights?

  • Even after your best efforts you are still struggling to achieve aspired success and getting exhausted every single day?

  • You are not genuinely happy with who you are, where you are, and what you have achieved professionally & personally?

  • Make no mistake, it is not a skill issue or misfortune or lack of resources. The real issue is something far bigger.

    It is lack of clarity.

The stepping stone of an unprecedented success is...

Absolute Clarity.

That’s true! You may have all the intent to scale your business to newer heights or achieve breakthrough in life but if you don’t have the absolute clarity you would end up missing out the victories that could be easily yours.

The only way to get an unbelievably rewarding and satisfying life is to have razor-sharp concentration in every area of your life.

Absolutely Clarity Breakthrough Program helps you achieve this.

What our participant saying —

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Absolute clarity helps you achieve your grandest goals

When you have the clarity you also gain the courage, conviction, and confidence to make the breakthrough.

With Absolute Clarity Breakthrough program you can —

  • Replace the patterns that have been holding you back and be absolutely clear with your goals and purpose

  • Filter out contaminated thoughts, and develop a clear vision of what you want in from your business, and

  • Draw your own business 'game plan' that would take your business to the level you never thought was possible

This program is best fit for...

Business Owners, CXOs and Entrepreneurs who are looking for a breakthrough in their businesses.

Young Entrepreneurs who wants to bring a change and transform the world.

What will you learn?

Here’s a quick taste of the highlights of Absolute Clarity Breakthrough Program —

Understanding the concept and decoding the formula for attaining the Absolute Clarity.

The secrets of controlling the day & important activities 10x better.

Identifying the growth barriers and understanding blame scenarios.

Moving from “I have no choice” to “be at choice”. Developing a habit decide “Yes” or “No” with clear frame of mind.

How to build ever lasting relationship with your Team, Client, Vendor & family.

Sutra of hiring and retention. Learning the effective leadership.


It is a 12-weeks long program which includes in-person and online coaching.
During this program you would attend...
Group Coaching

There will be 6 (six) Group Clarity Coaching Sessions of 4-hour each at Clarity Hive, Sector 62, Gurugram. The topics covered will be Demystify Clarity, Time, Absolute Ownership, Power of Choice, Building Lasting Relationships, and Connecting the Dots.

Personalized Coaching

There will be 3 (Three) individual sessions of 1.5 hour each at Clarity Hive. These will be held based on mutual convenient time. It can be done face-to-face or over zoom. The purpose of these sessions is to cover individual business owners’ challenges and opportunities.

Recap Sessions (on need basis only)

These are held for those who miss any of the Group Coaching Session These will be held based on mutual convenient time. But it will be done on need basis only and availability of at least 2 participants. In case, someone misses even these sessions, then next opportunity will be to attend the session with the next batch.

Ready to Get Absolute Clarity?

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Your investment

Make no mistake, coaching is an investment that can be returned many times over. When you change your self-talk and thoughts… your entire life changes!

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Meet your coach – Amit Chawla

Amit Chawla is India’s #1 Business Clarity Coach who is on mission to transform lives of the decision-makers.

Amit Chawla is an internationally proven software industry senior with over 30 years of extensive experience. He coaches CXOs, Sr. Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners to attain absolute clarity to "What They Really Want."

During his stint as Country Head and Director in a FinTech MNC he helped it grow 10 times in 6 years! Later he transitioned from an IT professional career of almost 3 decades, to start his own business venture of business and executive coaching at age of 50.

Today, he uses his unique solution-focused & clear approach to help business owners strike balance between increasing profits, unlocking potential and creating visionary leadership.

Amit has worked with:

Stop spinning your wheels. Get clarity and thrive in your life.

Let Amit help you “crack the clarity code”.

Amit has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you reflect their true potential, break free from negative mindsets, get absolute clarity and empowered them to thrive. Now, it’s your turn!

Call us at 95600 55280 to find out how can get razor-sharp clarity in all areas of your life and influence yourself & others to impact your business bottom line. Call us now or fill this form to request a call-back.

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