Move from Confusion to Clarity

  • Gain True Clarity
  • Attract High Paying Clients
  • Create High Performing Team
  • Retain Key Clients
  • Accelerate Business Growth
Have you...

Identified your fiercest competitor yet?

The one who is responsible for your...

Falling sales figures

Lagging business growth

Dissatisfied clients

Unhappy team members?

Even though a lot of these situations arise due to external factors, the one big hidden enemy that your business is unknowingly fighting against is your own...

Lack of Clarity

You can have the manpower, the resources, and the intent to scale your business to newer heights. You can even have the best opportunities showing up at your doorstep every single day, promising you the success you have always craved for.

But if you do not have CLEAR THINKING, you will end up doubting your every move and miss out on the victory that could easily be yours! So many businesses fail to reach the FINISH line because they did not START right. Don’t let it happen to you.

Clarity is the fuel that motors your business growth

Did You Know? The world’s famous achievers credit their success to their clarity of thought, intent and action.

When you are clear in your thinking, you —

Make sound decisions

Adopt a healthier mindset

Start seeing a marked difference in your performance

Cut through the clutter and focus on your priorities

Become a better leader

Start seeing a marked difference in your performance

Finally, achieve the success you want

Don’t waste another moment living in doubt. Let Amit Chawla, India’s Top-Clarity-Coach give you the assistance you need to gain razor-sharp clarity in all areas of your life.

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A great value!

“Amit sir helped me when I was struglling with my business. He gave me the clarity about my business I was looking for.

I believe his advices can add a lots of values.”

Shivam Ahuja

(Founder & CEO, Skill Circle)

Best thing happened.

“Amit Sir just helped me clarify - where are we going, what are we going to do, how do we get there. I think this is probably one of most valuable thing that has ever happened to me as an Entrepreneur. Thank you so much sir.”

Shobhit Banga

(CEO and Co-founder, Josh Talks)


“With help of Amit’s coaching and continuous support, I could get more clarity to move faster in the transformation journey. A short session with him will help you get clarity in business direction and decision making.”

Lalit Mehta

(CEO, Decimal Technologies Pvt Ltd.)

What is Clarity Coaching?

Business Clarity Coaching is coaching to develop a clear vision of what you want in some area of your business and identify the steps or strategy to get there. The aim is to use tools and techniques to help people understand themselves, filter out contaminated thoughts, and develop a clear vision of goals and a path to that end.

Being clear about what you really want in life can save you from chasing things that you think you should want, things that impress other people but don’t actually make your heart sing. When you know what you want and why, you know how to navigate your life, when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to the many opportunities that come your way.

3 Key Pillars –

The Mirror

With this, Amit will show you "The Mirror" to acquaint you with yourself. It will clear your mind and help you know who you are.

Sounding Board

Amit will help you recognize your true self and the mettle you are made of. It will help you draw your future.

Punching Bag

This will help you achieve your peace. You will experience freedom and let out all your resentment, frustrations, disappointments and everything that keeps you away from being positive in the real sense.

Services Offered –

Personalized Clarity Coaching (PCC)

Focused on individual Business Owner or Entrepreneur or CEO, that will help them implement the Absolute Clarity Framework according to their objectives and needs.

Absolute Clarity Breakthrough (ACB)

A program for a group of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals, that will help them shed confusing state, gain true clarity and accelerate their growth thru the Absolute Clarity Framework.

Clarity Coaching Intervention (CCI)

For Business Owners, CEO and their Management Team, that will help an organization create a high performing team, with the skill of conscious decision-making and absolute ownership.

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“Nobody is better positioned to write a book about having clarity in business and in life than a notable clarity expert Amit Chawla. It is a unique book of tremendous value. I included it in the mandatory reading list for both senior and middle management.”

Ritesh Malik (co-founder - Innov8)

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Meet Amit Chawla

India’s #1 Business Clarity Coach who is on mission to transform lives of the decision-makers.

Amit Chawla is an internationally proven software industry senior with over 28 years of extensive experience. He coaches CXOs, Sr. Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners to attain absolute clarity to "What They Really Want."

During his stint as Country Head and Director in a FinTech MNC he helped it grow 10 times in 6 years! Later he transitioned from an IT professional career of almost 3 decades, to start his own business venture of business and executive coaching at age of 50.

Today, he uses his unique solution-focused & clear approach to help business owners strike balance between increasing profits, unlocking potential and creating visionary leadership.

Amit offers his services to –

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leadership Team
  • CXOs & Executives
  • Startups
  • Sr. Managers

Amit has worked with –

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Amit helped me achieve greater clarity. He is a great Coach who enables you and empowers you.”

Manisha Grover (Real Estate Professional)